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Open a business account with a smart functionality

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Discover Finadvant to power your growth.

Make payments across borders and keep your business running from wherever you are. The way the modern commerce should be.

Make payments across borders and keep your business running from wherever you are. The way the modern commerce should be.

Supercharge your payments with our modern technology platform built to streamline international trade.

Rejected by high street banks?

Bank account closed or suspended?

Payments being blocked?

Modern business account for international trade

Open a business account online and start trading in multiple currencies in no time.

Seamless cross-border payments

Send and receive high-value payments to more than 150 countries. Convert 15+ currencies within your account including USD, EUR, GBP, and many more.

Transparent currency exchange service

Don’t get ripped off by the FX sharks – convert currencies at the attractive exchange rate.

Local payments in EUR and GBP

Enter new markets faster with a local EUR IBAN and UK sort code/account number.

Full control and visibility

Make payments on the go and stay in control with our interactive account dashboard.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our client management and support teams have a deep understanding of international payments. Navigate with confidence – we’re here whenever you need us.
We are here to save you time and money Talk to the emerging markets specialists if you’ve got non-resident company directors, complex ownership structure or trade overseas with multiple partners

Who are our customers?




Logistics operator


We are open to any eligible industry

But our focus is on SMEs with extensive commercial links that generate a significant portion of their revenue via international trade.

Unlike our competitors, Finadvant lets you open more than one business account with us, including same currency accounts.

To apply for a Finadvant account, you do not need a personal current account with us. We are a B2B focused firm and we do not mix your business with your personal finance.

Why choose our service?

We aim to become your Business Partner not just a financial services provider.

We will adapt to your scale and ambition and offer adequate support where needed.


We offer an advanced online platform
with a traditional Web interface designed specifically for corporate users.


Speedy account opening process.

Comprehensive expertise in international trade and cross-border payments.

Robust compliance tools to process client’s transactions faster than the competitors. 

Best in class systems to support the funds’ flow of importers and exporters.

Competitive FX exchange rates for G10 currencies and exotics.

Transparent and simple fee structure.

Dedicated account representative available via phone, chat or email.

Flexible level of access for your employees.

To make things simple, all the services are included in the subscription.

Pay Monthly: £60/mo

Upfront account balance: £180


Pay Annually: £600/year

No upfront account balance required

Dedicated account manager


Account opening in 3 or less business days*


Access to bulk payments module ( upload and authorise)


Additional account users with tailored access rights, including internal/external users


Unlimited additional EUR and GBP accounts (balances)**


Integration with your accounting software. (coming January 2022).


Local GBP incoming (Faster Payments, BACS)


Local GBP outgoing ( Faster Payments )


Local EUR SEPA incoming

Real time EUR incoming (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR)


Local EUR SEPA outgoing***

Real time EUR outgoing (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR)


International EUR or GBP incoming(SWIFT)


International EUR or GBP outgoing(SWIFT)***


Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rate EUR and GBP****


International outgoing payments in 16 currencies (Convert and Pay)


* The 3 day account opening time is counted after all the required documents are submitted. We reserve the right to charge the compliance fee of 50 GBP per hour if a payment or account opening needs further investigation

**Holding more than €50,000 in your EUR balance will be charged 0.39% annually

*** Outgoing payment over 25,000 GBP (SWIFT) or EUR(SEPA and SWIFT) will be charged additional 0.01%

**** Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rate. Contact your account manager.

We reserve the right to charge 0.4% if an outgoing payment is in the same currency as an incoming payment

Still in doubt?

Your funds and data are in safe hands.

Finadvant is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

We are serious about security: we work with the leading technology firms to keep your money safe. Finadvant is an FCA-approved EMD agent. We also work closely with other partners such as PayrNet Limited (an FCA-authorised Electronic Money Institution in the UK) and Railsbank Technology Limited to ensure our systems meet regulatory requirements.

Your money is safe. We safeguard it.

We are not a bank but your funds are held in  segregated bank accounts at a licensed Tier 1 Bank, in accordance with a robust safeguarding policy. Our safeguarding policy and procedures are subject to the regular audit by external auditors so your funds are safe and protected.

Delegating Access to Online platform.

We can create various access rights profiles for different team members of your business.

2-factor authentication to access your business account.

By activating 2-factor authentication we make sure all actions on your business account are taken only by authorised members of your team.

Ready to start?

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