Please prepare the below, check the pricing and click Continue:

Have your company details including registration number ready

Get your documents prepared for the upload:

To verify the identity: your passport or ID card
To verify the proof of address: a utility bill or bank statement or UK driving license.

Have a device with a camera ready to verify your identity via a selfie

Our tariff reminder:

Pay Monthly: £60/mo

Upfront account balance: £180


Pay Annually: £600/year

No upfront account balance required

We are excited to introduce our new trading name and the new website - Finadvant becomes Kapaga! Take a look at the exciting new features and our new platform designed to simplify your payments!

Dedicated account manager – Free

Account opening in 3 or less business days* – Free

Access to bulk payments module ( upload and authorise) – Free

Additional account users with tailored access rights, including internal/external users – Free

Unlimited additional EUR and GBP accounts (balances)** – Free

Integration with your accounting software. (coming January 2022) – Free

Local GBP incoming (Faster Payments, BACS) – 0.35

Local GBP outgoing ( Faster Payments ) – 0.45

Local EUR SEPA incoming

Real-time EUR incoming (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR) – 0.35

Local EUR SEPA outgoing***

Real-time EUR outgoing (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR) – 0.45

International EUR or GBP incoming(SWIFT) – 35

International EUR or GBP outgoing(SWIFT)*** – 45

Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rate EUR and GBP**** – 0.4%

International outgoing payments in USD and 16 other currencies (Convert and Pay) – 0.6%

*The 3 day account opening time is counted after all the required documents are submitted. We reserve the right to charge a fee of GBP 50 per hour if a payment or account opening requires enhanced due diligence.

**Holding more than €50,000 in your EUR balance will be charged 0.39% annually

*** Outgoing payment over 25,000 GBP (SWIFT) or EUR(SEPA and SWIFT) will be charged additional 0.01%

**** Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rate. Contact your account manager.

We reserve the right to charge 0.4% if an outgoing payment is in the same currency as an incoming payment